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Understanding and Working with Challenging Students: ADHD, High Functioning Autism, Mood & Explosive Behavior & Anxiety (For Teachers) 
PS 59 Beckman Hill International School


Testimonial from Adele Schroeter, Principal:


“Our staff was unanimous in their appreciation of the amount and quality of critical information you provided in such a short time and in such an engaging way.  As administrators who strive to ensure teachers receive clear and consistent messages about our commitment to making sure all classrooms are responsive to the needs of all kids, we greatly appreciated your willingness to plan collaboratively.  Your presentation was informative, practical, and tightly focused. While reminding teachers what they may already know about ADHD and ASD, for example, you also provided a number of easily implemented ideas for intervening in supportive ways.  We especially appreciated your advice regarding anxiety issues, and mood and behavior disorders, something teachers are seeing so much more of recently. We’d love to have you back if you are available – maybe even to work with families, as well as staff.”



Classroom & Behavior Management for Boys (For Teachers)
Academy of St. Joseph

Testimonial from Angela Coombs, Head of School:


“Dr. Rosenthal provided my faculty with a realistic presentation specific to the needs of our school.  He spoke with myself and a faculty member prior to his presentation in order to gather information so that he could tailor the presentation to the current behavior system in place.  Teachers informed me that they had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Rosenthal.  As an outcome of his work with us a school-wide system is being put in place for September.  Dr. Rosenthal would be a valuable resource for parents as well.  We will have him return to the Academy.”


Social Skills Training (For Practitioners)
Child Mind Institute
Rennicke & Associates



Positive Parenting & Effective Discipline (For Parents)
St. Stephen of Hungary School

Two Parent Testimonials:


“Dr. Josh was an excellent speaker. He was both entertaining and informative.”

“Dr. Josh had such a great way about him. After his workshop, I felt totally comfortable seeing him as a family or sending my child to work with him.The techniques and strategies he introduced were very useful for working with children and accessible for parents. He was also aware of the entire family and how the process would need to be happening for both.”



Effective Parenting for Kids Ages 3-8 (For Parents) by Dr. Rosenthal & Carly Kisberg, LMSW
St. Stephen of Hungary School




Positive Parenting & Effective Discipline for Kids Ages 2-7 (For Parents)
by Dr. Rosenthal (2.6.15)
Reade Street Prep



Positive Parenting & Effective Discipline for Kids Ages 2-7 (For Parents)
by Drs. Rosenthal, Stapert and Feiden (3.30.15)
NY Kids Club East 67th Location

NYkids club 3.30.15


“Workshop was awesome. Great speaker. very relevant topic and he covered it in a very organized, clear and easy to follow way.” – Parent who attended







Social Skills Summer Camp


Behavioral Parent Training


Motivational Speaking


Social Skills Training


Treating Child Anxiety


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How to Inspire the Non-Academic Child


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